There are two kinds of folks who sit around thinking about how to fangirl over Castle : pseudofans and metafans. I'm the kind that 'sees' deeper or 'seizes' better. Who am I ? I'm a Caskett fan who shares her 'reading' of Castle's episodes.


In the Third Man, Season 2 Episode 14, Caskett investigates the death of a possible serial squatter mixed up in a multi-million dollar heist involving exotic animals and diamonds, Castle tries to hide from Beckett the fact that a newspaper which ranked him as one of the city’s most eligible bachelors also linked them romantically. While Castle relishes the moment, by agreeing to a date with a woman ranked by the newspaper as one of the city’s most eligible bachelorettes, Beckett makes romantic plans of her own, with Lanie’s help.

#9 on New York Ledger’s 2010 Top Ten List of Eligible Bachelor is dating #3 on the Bachelorette list’s while the sexiest NYPD detective is dating Mr July’s sexiest NY firefighter;

"Two dates, one place, three possibilities = Eat, Talk and Solve" because for Caskett, the third man will ALWAYS be Mr Case Solving.

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